Pesach 2020 in San Diego

We are so excited to have the opportunity to showcase this special property to you. The Rancho Bernardo Inn is a member of the distinguished Preferred Hotels & Resorts and is a destination resort internationally known for its exquisite golf, spa facilities, and exceptional cuisine. The resort has garnered an impeccable reputation throughout the years, as it has become one of the most award winning resorts in California.


These accolades make the Rancho Bernardo Inn the highest-ranking resort of any Pesach program in California.
Considering all of the accolades, obviously RBI is a special place. But what makes it so unique?  First off, the resort features 287 luxuriously appointed guestrooms that all feature either a patio or balcony, offering breathtaking views of the surrounding mountains. At no point are you more than a 10 minute walk to even the furthest reaches of the property and many guestrooms are within seconds of the brand new $30 million Aragon Conference Center. The resort truly gives you the feeling of being nestled in a peaceful haven in the heart of the mountains. The property features an endless array of cozy corners with a variety of outdoor fireplaces and firepits to sit around and socialize with friends. We all know how important that is to the Pesach experience.
The property oozes with the charm of a Spanish Hacienda. With its exquisite décor and unique architecture; you never forget that you are somewhere special. The property features an array of beautiful gardens, outdoor sculptures and Mediterranean-inspired fountains that not only create a warm and inviting environment, but also infuse the property with an unmistakable soul and energy. It is so far removed from the cookie cutter mold of the chain properties, that you really feel like you are in a hidden sanctuary.
With an unpretentious style and a genuine warmth that is completely unique among the world’s finest resorts, we would like to welcome you to a truly Upscale Pesach experience.
We are always here ready for your call, and can’t wait to go over everything with you!
The entire Conference Center will be exclusively for guests of Upscale Getaways and Kosher for Pesach.
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