We understand that your kids enjoyment can make or break your Pesach experience. We take this responsibility very seriously. Our kids program, whether it is for our day care (ages 0-3) or day camp (ages 4-12), is a major focus of Pesach. We hire a professional company for our day care, so in addition to the level of professionalism and safety they bring, they also have the ability to bring in a private babysitter for anyone that needs it at any time!

When it comes to our day camp (ages 4-12), no one offers a program like we do. A tremendous amount of thought and planning goes into our day camp. It runs every day of Pesach (on Yom Tov and Chol Hamoed) and includes events and prizes for all ages. Every day of Chol Hamoed features an offsite daycamp excursion to one of San Diego's famous attractions. We keep the kids busy from morning to night. We also have nightly events at the hotel that may include movies by the pool, sumo suit wrestling (Its very safe and hilarious!), carnivals and more.

     •  Professionally run day care program
     •  Ability to bring in a private babysitter for any family that needs
     •  Day care for ages 0-3 that runs every day of Pesach
     •  Day Camp for ages 4-12 that runs every day of Pesach
     •  More prizes and themed events for kids than any program
     •  Day Camp trips every day of Chol Hamoed to incredible attractions
     •  Day Camp features nightly events including carnivals, movies by the pool etc.
     •  Early kids dinner whenever dinner is late and kids options always available
     •  Teen program that helps people meet and features incredible trips
     •  There is no extra charge for our day care or day camp programs

We consistently hire only the best counselors and take the kids on more trips than any other program.

For more details, just give us a call and we would love to go through it all with you!